Defence 4 Sleeping Bag (Multicam Black)

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    The Carinthia Defence 4 is borrowed from the military sector and is one of the best-selling 3-season sleeping bags in its class. Its features include a top zipper and a very waterproof outer material. It is also extremely robust. The zip cover flap protects against wind and moisture, and the integrated zipper heat flap prevents heat loss through the zipper. The Defence 4 can be combined with the Carinthia Tropical Sleeping Bag to increase the temperature range. Matching the Carinthia Polycotton Inlett (416005), which additionally increases the insulation value of the sleeping bag.
    Temperature range: comfort limit -15°C; extreme -35°C (temperature data according to ISO 23537-1, EN 13537).
    3-season sleeping bag.
    Excellent warmth and weight ratio.
    Temperature range comf-lim: -15°C.
    Waterproof and windproof outer shell.
    The Thermoreflect layer reflects the heat radiation emitted by the body - resulting in better heat retention.
    The differential cut is an optimal construction of the insulation layers. The outer dimension is cut larger to give the insulation material the necessary space to build up its volume.
    Inner zipper cover filled with insulation material to prevent cold bridges along the zipper.
    An anti-pinch tape ensures jam-free opening & closing of the zipper.
    The divisible 2-way zip is used for micro-climate management, so that optimal ventilation of the sleeping bag can be adjusted.
    Trapeze construction in the foot area provides ample space for the feet and for a shoe bag or additional clothing.
    Size M
    Outer dimensions: 215/85/57 cm.
    Pack size: approx. 23 x 30 cm.
    Weight: 1.850 g.
    Size L
    Outer dimensions: 230/87/60 cm.
    Pack size: approx. 25 x 32 cm.
    Weight: 2.000 g.
    Made in Europe.


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    Defence 4 Sleeping Bag (Multicam Black)
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    Defence 4 Sleeping Bag (Multicam Black)
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